Meet the Family

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We moved!  Watch this video to see a behind-the-scenes look at BarknBig's new home!

BarknBig started manufacturing premium products in 2014. Our founders, Mark and Erik Johnson (Father and Son) simply wanted to create a company for the pet parent by the pet parent. We strive to produce and present products that help our dogs become both whole in spirit and health.

Mark was apart of the natural bones, treats and chews movement in the early 90's. He worked for a company called Conagra Foods. His vision and ingenuity later lead him to start his own division of the company in which he lead a group to develop some of the natural pet products we see from many other companies, today. Before this time, packing houses were discarding much of these products we utilize for our pets today.

Pam Johnson (Mom) loves the business and you will often hear her on the phone taking customer calls and other administrative tasks because she is not only one of the best pet parents around that cares about producing the best products, she also treats our operation and co-workers like family. After having been a public teacher for 30 years she loves her change of work and her ability to help further the well-being of our furry family members.

Our Philosophy

Our company's philosophy can be summed up within the logo. BarknBig represents a core desire our pets have for whole health.


Barks are to alert and use as a form of communication from dogs. They are barking at us to look at the Quality of their food and what it is doing to their health as a whole. Whether in the food and chews they eat, or in the love and attention you provide, they rely on us for their whole health. The 'Big picture' is not to simply satisfy the bare minimum of existence. The 'Big picture' is looking at whole health: body, mind and soul.

We see our products as a means to help you and your pets to reach a connection that will make moments last, hearts sing, and mouths water. Beyond being the very best pet parents to our fur babies, pets can also help us all be better people that can learn and grow from this unique inter-species  relationship. Welcome to our business.

Erik often states, "I never found the pet industry, the industry found me."


"In the Johnson family," Erik explains, "my siblings and I were taken to all of the events our parents were involved in with our family dogs. From show events, to weight pulls, we would go. I had the unique chance to gain connections with numerous dogs throughout my younger years. I have a love for pets that has navigated me to this point. This opportunity to create a business to help spread my passion for pets has become my passion. These products not only nourish their bodies, but they create moments to  interact and love on your dog and that's what the big picture is about."

BarknBig Dogs with natural and healthy chews and bones

What We Do

We manufacture premium products that are designed to naturally engage our pets. These products are bio-available with minimal processing to help our dogs thrive. We understand that chews and treats go far beyond making mouths water and tails wag. These products have the ability to nourish and feed the health of our companions. Our job is to present them in safe, healthy and the most desirable forms without chemicals or artificial additives. We shake on it.

Why We Do It

Our overall intent is to feed your pet's body, mind and soul. The products we offer can help keep the body healthy and the mind active but it is the soul that is fed with your love. Our natural bones, treats and chews will only create time for priceless opportunities to feed your love. Your engagement with your dog alone, makes a difference in their lives and you may find, if you haven't  already - engaging with these animals with care and an open heart can make a difference in your life as well.