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Auto-Ship Program


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1) One order per month - date of mandadory order will be determined by you.

2) Order Subtotal must meet a minimum of $25 per month. You may always add on to this order or make additional order within the month that does not need to meet $25.

Our Auto-Ship Program is available for your convenience. When you sign up with the form below, we will enter you in our program database so that you can save 10-20% on your orders from here on out. You must be signed into your account to see the discounts applied. We require you to order a minimum of once a month and have a minimum of $25 committed per month.


**If you do not follow our requirements, we will deactivate your discount and you will no longer be allowed to participate in the program**


Through correspondence, we will figure out what product(s) you would like and on which date to ship. We will need to collect sensitive information to secure in our payment processing vault. If you prefer, you can place the orders without us placing them for you (we will send a reminder email that your order is due). Although you will receive your agreed upon order on the date you choose every month, we encourage you to take advantage of your discount by ordering as many times as you would like through each month.

Everyone will start with a 10% discount. As you prove to be a loyal customer, your discount will continue to grow. As shown below, by ordering every month for 12 months, you will have been getting 15% off since month 7. This is where the SPECIAL OFFER gets, well... special. After 12 months, we bump your account to 20% off every order! 

Have fun trying new and different products each month, or stick with the same stuff you know works, either way you will be getting discounted for being a loyal customer. 

** Auto-Ship Customers will be getting the term discount additional to any discounts or coupon codes we make available, so keep an eye on those coupon codes we release every now and again. **



0-3 Month Term : Will ship a minimum of once a month. If you prefer every week or even every other day just let us know. You will save 10% on each order we ship per your request.


4-6 Month Term : Will ship a minimum of once a month. As stated above, you can order how ever much you would like in the auto-ship program. Save 12% on each order we ship per your request.


7-12 Month Term : Will ship a minimum of once a month. Order as often as you would like within that month. Save 15% on each and every order we ship per your request.


**Special Offer** - You are eligible at the end of the first year to continue the program and receive a special 20% off every order you make with a minimum of one order a month.


A BarknBig Team member will contact you within 1 business days to help get you set up as an Auto-Ship customer after you send the contact form above.

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