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Industry Insider

Preferred Pricing

Industry Professionals and Industry Affiliates will have access to BarknBig products at a premium rate when application is approved.

Application Guidelines

This program is intended for you alone, and purchases made through this program are intended for you and your dog(s). This program is not intended to purchase products for others or to resell BarknBig gear and doing so will forfeit your participation in this program.


A BarknBig team member will respond to you via e-mail within five business days regarding the status of your application. Once approved, you will have access to BarknBig products and your orders can be placed at using your own personalized shopping code.

Eligible Industry Insiders

  • Industry Employees: Applicant must be working for companies in the Outdoor, Snow Sports Paddle Sports, Cycling, Climbing, Fishing, Hunting, or Pet industries.

  • Working Dogs: Applicant must actively use the services of working dogs. Examples include: Search & Rescue Organizations, Ski Patrol/Avalanche Dogs, Fire Departments, Police Departments, and Military.

  • Service Dogs: Applicant must be an active handler of a service dog, therapy dog, or guide dog that provides assistance for the applicant.

  • Veterinarians: Applicant must be employed as a veterinarian, veterinarian technician, lab technician, or customer service representative in a clinic or practice that provides care for pet clientele.

  • Humane Society Organizations: Applicant must be employed with organizations that provide services for abandoned or disadvantaged dogs.

  • Rescue Organizations and Fosters for Rescue Organizations: Applicant must be actively fostering dogs for a non-profit rescue organization. Rescue organizations that are 501(c)(3) looking to help supply their dogs on site or for their fosters.

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