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Natural, Premium-Quality Bones for Dogs

At BarknBig, there is a standard of safety, quality, and palatability that each bone must meet. For dogs, it's all about the taste. As pet parents, we want our dogs to love the bones they chew -- but it's more than just taste --- safety and nutritional value are also important.

BarknBig brings in only premium quality raw materials:

  • All of our bones are single-ingredient treats -- no chemicals, artificial flavorings or artificial colors!
  • We detach small bone fragments to remove choking hazards
  • We slow bake all of our bones at precise temperatures to retain each bone's nutritional value and to minimize the risk of splintering

All-natural bones offer countless benefits to dogs! As we select bones to offer to our canine friends, we take into account that every dog chews their bones differently. For this reason, we have identified different attributes based on each dog's size and chew strengths. With your supervision, these healthy bones work their way into your dog's diet with ease and become their preferred treat! Bone Appetit!

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