Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are the foundation products when it comes to natural animal parts. This animal part comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some are better suited for your dog than others. But there is no denying that these products are going to get that tail wagging.

  • One great reason to buy our bully sticks is for jaw stimulation - These chewy, protein-packed sticks give your dog a chance to work their jaw muscles that can naturally reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Depending on which one you select will determine the longevity and duration of the chew. Grading is from 1-5 (1=light chewers | 5=Aggressive chewers)
    • Steer Sticks (Grade: 2-3) - Coming from American raised steer. Steer are raised in the US for human consumption. Most all the meat in the grocery stores come from Steer.
    • Beef Bully Sticks (Grade:3-4) - Our standard Bully sticks are good for just about any dog but will suite mid sized dogs best.
    • Bullarge (Grade:5) - These are our toughest and longest lasting bully stick. We leave a nice meaty end on one side to further the dog's chewing enjoyment.
    • ChuBull (Grade:4) - Chubulls are bully sticks hand graded that are in the mid-sized dog range. Specifically separated because of their thickness. So if you have a mid sized dog that has some strong jaws, this is a great option for you.
    • Baa Stick Twist (Grade:1-2) - These are little lamb Bully sticks intended for small dogs. Due to their size, we would not suggest you feed these to larger dogs. Lamb, as a protein, is different from Beef or Bison mainly because of the fat content in lamb being slightly higher.
    • Baa Braid (Grade:2-3) - The braid is made from 5 lamb Bully sticks all twisted together. We would suggest the small to mid sized dogs take a go at this one. What ends up happening is the dogs will start chewing it and it will start to loosen the individual pieces from one another and they will strip each one off until it is gone.
    • Bison Bully (Grade:3) - Bison is a very unique protein and this part is even more rare to source. The lean protein source gives you the ability to switch up the nutrition your dog is getting from the chew.
    • CinnaBull Coil (Grade:4-5) - The CinnaBull is a very unique iteration to the Bully stick category. We add cinnamon while drying the product and the unique shape plays a huge roll in the longevity of the chew. Dogs have a difficult time getting a good grip and chewing angle making this a must try just to see how your dog figures out the puzzle.
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