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Natural Dog Bones

BarknBig dog getting love

Healthy Dog Guide

Explore the benefits behind all our products. After all, as pet parents, a healthy dog makes a happy dog and a happy dog is what we strive for! 

This is the right place for you to buy a natural bone for your dog because we care about the process of that bone from manufacturing all the way to the special moment you gift it. With nutritional value and safety of the bone as a driving force in our manufacturing process, we produce show quality bones.

Our process is done with minimal heat and for a longer duration. This will keep the bone from losing moisture too quickly making it dry and brittle,  and susceptible to splintering. 

Bones have always been, by 'primal dogs', the prized procession due to the rich, nutritious marrow. So go ahead and make your dog feel like a king or queen with their prized procession. Feel safe about where you can buy your natural dog bone with BarknBig since we have the experience and right intent with our products : stimulate health and happiness. We also happen to know all about bones, it's what we do.

Natural Bones for Dogs at BarknBig
Healthy dog bones

Benefits of Bones for Dogs

  1. Great for cleaning teeth! All those edges and crevices around the bones act as a natural toothbrush.

  2. Great source of nutritional fat, calcium, vitamins and minerals predominantly found in the marrow.

  3. Bones are the most mentally stimulating option. Dogs are relentless when it comes to 'cleaning' the bones and act as a puzzle for their pure enjoyment.

Natural Chews for Dogs

If you have not had the chance to purchase a natural chew for your dog, there is no better place in space than here. Our products reflect our company's intent to satisfy health and well being for our pets and believe it or not, chews can be a tool for that success. You can understand much more about natural chews on another page but for now, we want to satisfy your dog's instinct to chew. 

Dog's love to chew! It is instinct for a dog to chew. This instinct becomes evident as puppies when growing in their pearly whites. The behavior is learned and correlated to a positive experience as it helps relieve the pain of a maturing mouth. And in BarknBig's case, bring your dog to a place of instinct and savory reward.

When properly supervised with chews, dogs will satisfy their instinct and our specific products will help nourish their bodies with unadulterated, whole food sources. In combination with our conscious manufacturing process, your dog gets pure chew quality putting an end to your search for your dogs favorite natural chews.

USA Made Bully Sticks at BarknBig
6" Bully Stick USA Made for dogs

Benefits of Chews for Dogs

  1. Stimulating jaw muscles which helps promote blood flow and decreases anxiety for dogs.

  2. Healthy gums as the majority of chews will soften while being chewed creating what we like to call "nature's floss".

  3. Nutritional benefits in the form of hip and joint health for dogs, proteins, bowel-moving fibers and healthy fats all containing essential vitamins and minerals.

Natural Treats for Dogs

There is one category of products every pet parent has bought or made for their dog, that's treats! Treats are great reward systems for exemplary behavior and for following commands. Treats are designed to be quick rewards that can target a specific event that your dog can correlate with being rewarded.


The overlooked aspect in the event of training or treating your dog, is the nutritional value your treat can provide. Yes, we all want a well trained dog but we don't want an unhealthy and overweight dog. Be careful as to what ingredients are in the treats while training. Concentrated sugar sources can amplify your pup and put them in the wrong state of mind to learn.

You can buy natural treats for your dog from BarknBig knowing that we have considered the whole opportunity in using treats and their capable values beyond a reward. Having the chance to manufacture treats has given us valuable experience and understanding to insure you are buying products that reward and resonate in your dog's overall health.

NS01567 Beef Lung 5oz.JPEG
Single Ingredient Beef Lung For Dogs

Benefits of Treats for Dogs

  1. Great for training.

  2. Great for rewarding your pets in any circumstance without spending a paw and a tail.

  3. Great way to add extra nutritional value to the diet.

  4. No mess left behind, at least with BarknBig treats.

Elk Antlers for Dogs

These antler cuts come from fresh/natural sheds across the Rocky Mountain Range. Elk antlers are renewable and one of the most sustainable products to gift your pup. No animals are hurt or killed in the process. We source these from the grace of earth allowing us to find them.

Elk are creatures of habit and with the knowledge of our 'Antler Collectors', we are able to determine when and where the antlers will be shed from the roaming herds. This allows us to pick up the freshest racks that have a 'brownish' color as opposed to white and chalky looking pieces. The white and chalky pieces are sun bleached and very dry making them a splintering hazard in the wrong mouth.

You can buy elk antlers for dogs, right here on our website, in different sizes and cuts that best suit your dog and its chewing habits. Feel safe knowing that when you purchase our Elk antlers, you will get the best quality from one of the most natural chews for dogs.

Elk Antlers for Dogs from BarknBig

Benefits of Antlers for Dogs

  1. Stimulating jaw muscles which helps promote blood flow and decreases anxiety for dogs.

  2. Antlers are arguably the longest lasting chew options.

  3. Nutritional benefits in the form of  essential minerals.

  4. Antlers are the least messy chew option with no grease or possible staining.

  5. Impressive dental aids because of the edges presented. (make sure the edges are sanded, like ours!) Unsanded edges may be too abrasive on your dog's gums.

Fresh/Frozen and Raw for Dogs

If you are looking to buy raw bones for dogs or other raw/frozen goodies and supplemental products, you've found the right company. Raw is for the pet parent looking to get the most nutritional value for their dog. Although modern dogs are not accustomed to these products, their bodies are designed to consume them.

The reason our pets were directed away from raw and freshly frozen products was due to the industrial revolution and the introduction to mass manufacturing. Preservation became king and for obvious reasons, raw products don't preserve well. Manufacturers cared more about the shelf life of our food than the life-giving, nourishing properties it presents.

Our opportunity to promote raw and fresh/frozen products stages itself well within our home state of Colorado, which we believe to be the most appropriate way to nourish a dog.  The average pet parent may not be able to feed a complete raw diet, but you can start by adding in some supplemental raw feeding with our bones, milk or broth. You can find a local retailer to pick up if in a store near you.

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