Nutrient Rich Treats for Dogs

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Treats are a multi-purpose product, primarily used for training but overall as a general reward. Our specific goal with the treats we manufacture is to add whole food nutrition to your pet's diet. Other than our sweet potato treats, we only use nutrient rich organ meats that help satisfy that primitive taste. Here is how we produce the best natural treats for dogs:

  1. dehydrated treats allowing us to keep as much nutritional value without compromising the safety of handling the treats.
  2. single ingredient
  3. Gently sliced into thin pieces, not ground up.
  4. No Glycerin, chemicals or fat added, making them gentle to digest and good for dogs with pancreatitis

Remember, dogs do not discriminate against a treat that is 'too small'. Make sure to break your treats into smaller pieces for more treating opportunities. Deciding how to go about treating your dog with something healthy but functional for your treating purpose may take some expert advice from our BarknBig team.

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