Beef Craft Cut Shin Bone

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The BarknBig Beef Craft Cut Shin Bone is the gem for Super Aggressive Chewers. You can feel comfortable giving this to any dog. The strength of this bone is unparalleled by any other bone and it's 7-10" size will support any sized dog. This just might be the perfect bone. Of course, it needs to be cooked properly and trimmed of any excess bone pieces (which we do). On the regular shin bone, there are "knuckle-like" ends and for super aggressive chewing dogs, these become a challenge to try to take off. Although the little knuckles do not spliter, they can detach with enough force. So, we take that same bone and remove them for you! Now, those premium chewers have met their match! All of this action is great for their teeth and stimulates their brain. There is no marrow access but still plenty of nutritional benefits and keeps dogs' attention for days. The end of the bone that has been craft cut, does not allow direct access but does give the dog a green light to work through to eventually get to the marrow in the middle - but this will be the only access point and takes incredible chewing to get to.

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